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Challies Dot Com: New Attitude (V)

New Attitude (V)

People often ask me if some speakers are easier to “blog” then others. The answer is a clear yes. There are some speakers who speak in such a way that they are really quite easy to capture and to summarize. There are others that are very difficult. The primary difference, I think, is between those who provide very logical, clear, alliterated and structured outlines versus those who may not. This would include the likes of Steve Lawson, Ligon Duncan, and Mark Dever. Dr. Mohler is one of those guys who is on the “harder to liveblog” list. I often wrestle with writing a cogent summary of his talks. This one proved no exception! Yet, like most of Mohler’s talks, I learned a lot from it. There are few people I’d rather listen to than Dr. Mohler.

Mohler’s topic for today is Discerning the culture.

He began by saying something I fully believe: if there is any one thing lacking in the church today it must be discernment. That’s the only explanation for how things are as they are. How else could the church be so seduced and how else could Christians be indistinguishable? Discernment is one of those things you need to live, both in the spiritual realm and outside of it.

On The Horror of the Virginia Tech Shootings by Doug Phillips

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By Douglas W. Phillips April 17, 2007 Today, the nation mourns the senseless murder of thirty-two men and women who were gunned down in cold blood. The slaughter of students at Virginia Tech constitutes the largest campus killing spree in American history. The murderer was a fellow student, twenty-three-year-old Cho Seung-hui of South Korea. Though little is currently known of his motive behind the murders, it is clear that his plan was calculated and carefully executed. The assault was premeditated and thorough. Doctors report that not a single victim had fewer than three bullet wounds. Thousands will be deeply affected, probably for the rest of their lives. The most serious pains belong to the mothers, fathers, and sisters and brothers of the murdered victims. What shall we say to them? What are we to learn from these events? First, we must remember the answer to the question “why?”

Washing Feet Endangers Students, School Says — 03/23/2007

Washing Feet Endangers Students, School Says — 03/23/2007 – If Jesus washed his disciples’ feet at a Georgia college in 2007, he’d likely be accused of “hazing.” That’s the position a Christian ministry at Savannah State University has found itself in, after it washed the feet of its new members. The campus ministry Commissioned II Love (C2L) was also accused of “harassing” students by sharing their faith. Washing of feet is a symbolic gesture of servitude in the Christian faith, following the example of Jesus, who washed the disciples’ feet during their last meal before his crucifixion, as recounted in the New Testament gospel of John (13:1-17).