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2017 Defend 17 Sponsor Session – Looking for Answers in All the Wrong Places

Here are the handouts, speaker notes, and links to various books mentioned at the conference. Speaker Notes, Handouts. – Who Made God — More than a Carpenter — Answers Books for Kids (8) — Know Why You Believe — Know What You Believe – What does the Bible really […]

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What about the Olympics is so Different…

What about the Olympics is so Different… Have you considered the raging contagion sweeping the globe and particularly in the Western world? Business men, bag boys, hairdressers, and haberdashers all equally afflicted and enjoined. TV networks are putting up half-hearted programming as they realize the juggernaut just cannot be stopped. Of course, we are talking […]

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My Baccalaureate Address To the Class of 2015

My Baccalaureate Address To the Class of 2015 1. Education does not always equal learning. 2. Passion, Practice, and Gratitude will make you stand out more than any degree or badge on your clothing. 3. There are no shortcuts to good character. 4. To find, fulfill, and finish God’s plan for your life is The […]

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The Supernatural Afflatus is Not There

This was just too good not to share from my reading today. It would be less than accurate to say that the power of God is always experienced in a direct and unmediated form, for when He so wills the Spirit may use other means as Christ used spittle to heal a blind man. But […]

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Labor Day is for … a Birthday!

Today instead of commenting on Labor Day, I just want to recognize a very special young lady. Her sweet spirit and enormous creative talent are just a few of her wonderful character traits. From piano playing to drawing and sketching to crazily driving her (shared) golf cart, her enthusiasm is only matched by her love […]