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2016 Tech Tips Seminar & Not a Lone Ranger Seminar

Presentations from Wednesday Tech Tips  Tech Tips Audio  More Than a Lone Ranger More Than a Lone Ranger Audio  From Brandon Roysden –  Sermons, Bible Study, Logos, Prayer

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FCA Seminar – handouts and links

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New Writing Project – Evernote and Ministry

OK. I just started putting together a book/e-book/resource about how to use Evernote in Church Ministry. The book will help pastors, assistants, associates, etc. who work in a team or a solo environment to leverage the power and usefulness of Evernote. From visits to prayer requests to counseling to trips and conferences, this resource has great […]

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Using Evernote for a Conference

One of the questions I receive regurlarly is “Why are you SO fond of Evernote?” The cousins to this are “How do you use it?” and “What good is it since I just print everything anyway…?” Here are some screenshots showing my process for gathering everything I need for our state’s association meeting. By placing […]