My Baccalaureate Address To the Class of 2015

My Baccalaureate Address To the Class of 2015

1. Education does not always equal learning.
2. Passion, Practice, and Gratitude will make you stand out more than any degree or badge on your clothing.
3. There are no shortcuts to good character.
4. To find, fulfill, and finish God’s plan for your life is The great adventure.
5. To know Christ experientially and to love Him passionately is life’s greatest privilege.


With the very unexpected passing of Carol Arcuri from our faculty, our academic dean wisely (and firmly) recommended we all document our processes and clearly lay out our teaching order and calendar.

It is a necessary tool for improvement to know what you did versus what you desired to do. In our case, it is simply needed as wise stewards to benefit those who will take over our classes through a planned or unplanned exit.

For these weeks as I have painstakingly revisited my spreadsheets editing, adding, and moving ideas and page numbers around, I have been moved by the single thought of legacy. Not just an academic or procedural legacy, but one of influence, presence, and ministry. Every week I am spreading, distilling, and disseminating my influence; leaving if you will, my legacy.


Almost too Late

You know you have done it as well. You are looking for ONE thing and you stumble across another.

Today while researching a topic for an Advanced Greek class, I found my New Semester folder. I have a digital folder of articles, ideas, “do’s and don’ts” compiled from semester to semester, but honestly I forgot this one existed.

Here is what I almost missed.
A 2006 article by Dr. Thurman Wisdom entitled “Bring the Books.” — Great 2 page vignette emphasizing the need to read and the love of reading.
3 from John Maxwell entitled “Don’t Delay – Do it Today“, “How to Invest More of Your Most Valuable Asset”, and “Developing Your Most Appreciable Asset.”
A June 17, 1996 Newsweek article call “Making the Grade” by Kurt Wiesenfeld. — A professor at Georgia Tech, he takes on the notions of grade inflation and of bargaining for grades like a tee shirt at a ball game.
Defining Christian Education” by Dan Olinger from BJU. — Nuts and bolts stuff about what God has called us to do with our students.
Beverly White’s missive on “A Personal Scope an Sequence: Basis for a Balanced Curriculum.” — Written primarily for grade school, but helpful for a guy like me who finds himself the head of a Bible department.
Assorted syllabi from PCC and BJU graduate classes. — 2 reasons I keep these around and review them — to remind myself I am not teaching grad classes and to make sure that I am preparing my students for grad classes.
A whole set of workshop notes on “Thinking Right … Teaching Right” from a 2009 NCCSA ( Summer Conference. — Culture, Current events, tying everything to the Scriptures, methods, hints, tips, etc. I am convinced that we are losing the worldview war as we continue to leave the Bible in church and not help people make the connection to all of life.

As you can see, I almost missed some great helps and blessings this semester.
I wonder what else is in my files…