2016 Tech Tips Seminar & Not a Lone Ranger Seminar

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  1. Tech Tips 
  2. Tech Tips Audio 
  3. More Than a Lone Ranger
  4. More Than a Lone Ranger Audio 
  5. From Brandon Roysden –
    1. http://www.alifetolead.com/mange-your-to-do-list-with-todoist/ 
    2. http://www.alifetolead.com/mange-your-to-do-list-with-todoist/ 

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Praying for My Wife and Children Using Evernote

One of the greatest personal uses for Evernote in my spiritual life is in the area of prayer.

In a wonderful men’s group I was apart of in 2012-2013 using the book The Resolution for Men (based on the movie Courageous), our group leader gave each of us a copy of the prayer guides for our wives and children from the book’s appendices. Now typically, this would have ended up stuck in the book, put in a file folder, maybe even thrown away in a few weeks after finding a nest in my Inbox.

Enter Evernote! Our group leader emailed the file to me, I copied it into Evernote, tagged it as part of my Prayer List and viola! 


Shortcuts for Prayer List tagged Notes
Shortcuts for Prayer List tagged Notes
Notes tagged as Prayer List
Notes tagged as Prayer List 
Actual Prayer List
Actual Prayer List



When I click on my Prayer List in the morning (or whenever), I see 15 Biblical ideas to pray for my spouse and my kids. This is of course a separate list from the personal requests I have for them, but it is a great help and reminder in this area of leading my family Biblically.

What do you use that is always with you and helps you to pray for your family?