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Praying for My Wife and Children Using Evernote

One of the greatest personal uses for Evernote in my spiritual life is in the area of prayer. In a wonderful men’s group I was apart of in 2012-2013 using the book The Resolution for Men (based on the movie Courageous), our group leader gave each of us a copy of the prayer guides for our wives […]


Is it Tiny or Teeny ?

Back in May of this year, my family including my wife and two adorable, precious, gracious children made a list of sorts. It was on the Father’s (my) sticky note pad. Not the small one, mind you, the large 4×6 official sticky note pad. We made a list of things to do this Summer. We […]

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Labor Day is for … a Birthday!

Today instead of commenting on Labor Day, I just want to recognize a very special young lady. Her sweet spirit and enormous creative talent are just a few of her wonderful character traits. From piano playing to drawing and sketching to crazily driving her (shared) golf cart, her enthusiasm is only matched by her love […]

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With the very unexpected passing of Carol Arcuri from our faculty, our academic dean wisely (and firmly) recommended we all document our processes and clearly lay out our teaching order and calendar. It is a necessary tool for improvement to know what you did versus what you desired to do. In our case, it is […]

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Simple Saturdays

Simple Saturdays – A Father’s Perspective Cello music Laundry piles “Clean out the fridge” lunch Sermon prep and finalization Cartoons (albeit on DVR) Boxes to the dump Walmart run Gas up my car for Sunday commute Breakfast by Allison Quicken appointment Occasional nap(s) Extra praying Extra praying that leads to unintentional nap Weekly review and […]