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Almost too Late

You know you have done it as well. You are looking for ONE thing and you stumble across another. Today while researching a topic for an Advanced Greek class, I found my New Semester folder. I have a digital folder of articles, ideas, “do’s and don’ts” compiled from semester to semester, but honestly I forgot […]

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Simple Saturdays

Simple Saturdays – A Father’s Perspective Cello music Laundry piles “Clean out the fridge” lunch Sermon prep and finalization Cartoons (albeit on DVR) Boxes to the dump Walmart run Gas up my car for Sunday commute Breakfast by Allison Quicken appointment Occasional nap(s) Extra praying Extra praying that leads to unintentional nap Weekly review and […]

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An example of Relevancy becoming an Epic Fail (via

The Museum of Idolatry: Relevancy EPIC FAIL!

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Depressing Article from CT

The Scandal of the Public Evangelical | Christianity Today | A Magazine of Evangelical Conviction The Scandal of the Public EvangelicalWhat we really have to offer the world.Mark Galli | posted 7/02/2009 09:10AM It’s been a tough couple of months for evangelical public figures. We discovered that Carrie Prejean, Miss California, sudden heroine in the […]


You Supply the Caption #118 – purgatorio

You Supply the Caption #118 – purgatorio You Supply the Caption #118