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(As I am putting away this semester, and working on my opportunities for the Summer and Fall, I have been trying to re-read some of my earlier writing among other items to help clarify my direction and gain some momentum for the writing season ahead.)

Every school, business, family, church, or college has a set of values. They may not be codified or even formalized, but they are present and they do shape the influence and the emphasis of the group associated with these values. Some years back I was asked to try to codify a rough draft of the values of the college I graduated from and have now been a part of the faculty for almost 9 complete years. As I read these again, I was reminded of why I want to serve at at place like Southeastern.

Our Values:

 * We value a Christian worldview that permeates all our disciplines.

* We value a theological education that is orthodox in doctrine, fundamental in application, and true to our Free Will Baptist heritage.

* We value a thorough preparation for our students for a lifetime of ministry.

* We value academic excellence and scholastic integrity among our students and our faculty.

* We value an atmosphere of Biblical preaching and instruction that helps the student in their passion to live for and be like the Lord Jesus Christ.

* We value an education philosophy that not only teaches the theoretical, but the practical as well.

* We value an environment that promotes spiritual growth and transformation (Eph. 3:16-19).

* We value globally accessible theological education (Matt. 28:19-20).

* We value on-going institutional quality and improvement (Col. 3:23-24).

* We value personal soul-winning and global evangelization.

* We value self-discipline in our students and faculty.

* We value the Christian School as an extension of the home and are committed to training quality teachers for this ministry.

* We value the local church ministry model as taught in the New Testament and teach it diligently to our students.

By Rodney

I am happily married to Andrea and we have 2 beautiful children who look like their mother. Reilly and Allison.

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