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Rodney’s Readings 3-11-2016

Here are some things I came across during the past week that were either interesting, helpful, or just … there.

Enjoy my list. Don’t forget to comment

In Memory of Jerry Bridges: A Roundup of Articles and Quotes

Tyler Smith at Logos has done a great job of assembling some of the best of the tributes to Jerry Bridges who just passed away March 6, 2016.

Why You Should: Use Virtual Private Networks

Everyone who travels at all or works remotely (even from a coffee shop) should give the article a thorough reading.

How to Create an Evangelistic Culture in Your Church

Great short video with ideas for creating the culture we all want in our churches.

Top 10 Productivity Tools for Pastors

Several apps and ideas I already use. Good tips as well as few you may not have heard of before.

Walk alongside the elephants of the Samburu National Reserve in Street View

Our new friends and missionaries, the Simmons, are ministering the gospel to these people surrounded by these creatures.

Want to Be an Outstanding Leader? Keep a Journal.

For the first time in forever, I have journaled almost daily since after Christmas 2015. This is a neat article focused on leadership and journaling.

Gary Smalley Has Died

Jim Daly remembers the author who helped so many of us with our relationships.

My Top 10 Takeaways from The Launch Conference

There are many conferences and seminars I would like to attend. I appreciate summaries like this one that give a good bit of what I would have learned (I know, not experienced)

This is How I Set Up Todoist and actually GTD

5 Ways Todoist Changed My Life

Two articles about Todoist, the task manager that I use daily and find to be very helpful.

and finally, just to show you that all the crazies are running for office.

Find “Inner Peace” and “Community” at… Nudist Church?

Don’t miss the name of the church … “White … Tail” <groan>

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