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Mentor Series: The Burning Bush

Mentor Series: The Burning Bush

Mentor Series: The Burning Bush by Scott Stanley

Would you marry someone without knowing if it was God’s will for your lives? Few Christians would say “yes” to that question. But how do we know when marrying someone is God’s will? Could it be that our requests for “a burning bush” of proof might reflect our desire to avoid the risks of stewardship God expects of us?

In this last installment from our interview with Dr. Scott Stanley, we discuss how men can address one of the primary obstacles that keeps them from jumping into a marriage.

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Steve: Let’s talk about an issue we hear a lot from Christian men. It’s the idea that any decision as important as marriage — like where to live or where to work — is something so fundamental to the rest of our lives that surely God cares about it and would want to reveal His perfect will for us. In a world of overwhelming choices, how’s a guy supposed to go about discerning whether or not someone is a good match and also God’s perfect will for them?

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