New Writing Project – Evernote and Ministry


I just started putting together a book/e-book/resource about how to use Evernote in Church Ministry.

The book will help pastors, assistants, associates, etc. who work in a team or a solo environment to leverage the power and usefulness of Evernote.

From visits to prayer requests to counseling to trips and conferences, this resource has great ideas along with great explanations to increase your efficiency and productivity.

What would you like to see in an Evernote resource for ministers? Comment in the area below.

Using Evernote for a Conference

One of the questions I receive regurlarly is “Why are you SO fond of Evernote?” The cousins to this are “How do you use it?” and “What good is it since I just print everything anyway…?”

Here are some screenshots showing my process for gathering everything I need for our state’s association meeting. By placing this in Evernote, I will have my directions for my phone’s GPS, the times of all the events, my directions to my dinner meeting, and all the event handouts.


In just a few minutes, I have my Maps (which on my smartphone become live links for my navigation program), all the printouts and information for my hotel, and I can add anything else I receive to this note. In short, my phone and tablet will have all the right information with no papers to track.

Two more items that I will use at this meeting and at most conferences while it is ongoing.

1. With my phone and the Evernote app, I will take photos of all my receipts and use the same tag (NCFWB 2012) so that settling up later is a snap. I also do this with business cards

2. I will normally have one note ready to take down outlines, make a note to call someone, send a card, etc. This allows me to have something other than my memory to help make the meeting more profitable. Also, for the last several years, I have tried to give a short report to the church where I serve concerning the church planting that is ongoing in North Carolina. Evernote makes this a piece of cake as I am taking down facts and information while I am there so there is no problem with recall.

Finally, any papers, handouts, sales flyers, etc. will hopefully be scanned when I return if needed. If the contact information or the book title was all that was required, I can type that in or just take a photo.

An almost paper free conference with everything I need on my laptop, tablet, or phone.

All thanks to Evernote.

Lessons from Learning about Adding Fonts to an Ipad

I set out to determine if purchasing an Ipad for use in a college classroom would have benefits over a regular notebook computer. The one major hangup everyone from the “fanboys” to the Mac newbies has is in the area of presentations / powerpoint usage. (Edit: This is not a problem for Mac to Mac)

The complaints range from weirdness with Keynote importing to lack of fonts to “deletion of speaker notes” under certain circumstances. It does seem to work fabulous via gmote or another app if you want to use your Ipad as the remote presenter and your Macbook is hooked up to the projector with your presentation on it. That is not an option for me. (See this article for a balanced look at these limitations

Also, I have a lot of very nice Koine or Biblical Greek powerpoint presentations. Not being able to use them due to font incompatibilities is a deal-breaker for me.

How and Why to Jailbreak Your Ipad (College related)
Also, you will need a copy of something like Winscp available at to connect to your Ipad once you have opened or performed the jailbreak.

Adding Fonts for Your Presentation

Ipad Specific Instructions

Plist Editor for Windows

Being a great mobile browser, email beast, Kindle replacement, app machine, etc. are great reasons for buying and keeping an Ipad. However, I need to justify the cost as it will help me to not lug around a notebook computer for 15 hours of teaching a week. So, for right now I will wait until the Ipad is more user-friendly for what I need it to do.